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Storage Solutions

ADO Logistics Packers & Movers
ADO Logistics Packers & Movers

Helping You Stand Out

Why Choose ADO for Your 
Secure Storage? 

Even with our easier secure storage solution that is up to 50% cheaper than self storage, you’ll never have to compromise on the safety or security of your belongings. 

Easier More Secure 50% Cheaper 


With just a few mouse clicks or one easy phone call, arrange for your belongings to be 

wrapped, packed, picked up, securely stored, and redelivered in part, or in whole, to 

anywhere in the world by our highly trained Packers and Movers and storage experts. 


ADO Storage really is too easy! Our expert Packers and Movers will come anywhere to: 

Free inventory checks and condition reports to easily manage your storage Provide FREE inventory, condition reports, and receipt and dispatch records to help you keep track of your belongings, and better manage the ins and outs of your storage.

Professionally wrap your belongings, particularly soft-furnishings like couches, chairs and mattresses, in FREE ADO-supplied heavy-duty Packers and Movers-grade plastic for added care and protection against from moisture, dust, dirt and mildew while in storage.

Skillfully pack, stack and load your belongings directly into our reinforced steel storage containers, eliminating double handling and significantly reducing the risk of damage during transit and in storage. Plus, you don't have to lift a finger.


Our professional Packers and Movers will wrap your belongings for added protection in storage Pick up your belongings from absolutely anywhere in India, whether you need pick-up from your home, office, or even your current storage unit.

ADO Logistics Packers & Movers


Storage Solutions for Businesses and  Individuals

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ADO Logistics Packers & Movers
ADO Logistics Packers & Movers

Support You Can Count On

Trust On Us

Deliver your belongings into our state-of-the-art, safe storage facility for as little or as long as you like, giving you peace of mind that you have one of the most secure storage solutions available anywhere.

At your request, we'll happily, conveniently and carefully pick up and add to your storage, redeliver specific items, or redeliver everything anywhere locally, interstate or overseas, so you never need hire a moving truck or visit a storage unit again.

We do some, most or all of the work (depending on your specific needs), so that you don't have to. Too easy! 

Rest assured, we protect your belongings with 24/7 with our unique Four-Level Secure Storage System, making our storage not only more secure, but easier and more affordable than self storage.

ADO Logistics Packers & Movers
ADO Logistics Packers & Movers

ADO Logistics, Packers & Movers

ADO Secure Furniture and Office Storage is:

Easier: Why is secure storage usually so difficult, time-consuming and stressful? With just a couple of mouse clicks or one phone call, ADO will pick up your belongings from 

anywhere—your home, current storage facility, or office—and then skillfully and carefully pack it for you. No lugging boxes. No renting moving trucks. You’ll never have to lift a finger If all that isn’t enough, when you need your belongings back (whether it’s your entire consignment or just a couple of individual items), we can redeliver to anywhere in the world. 

You never need see a secure storage facility again.Or, give us just one day’s notice and we’ll place your container in a secure area for you to easily access during business hours 

More Secure: At ADO Storage, simplicity and affordability never requires the sacrifice of security. ADO knows how important your belongings are. That’s why we protect them with 

our unique Four-Level Secure Storage System Cheaper: Paying only for the space you’re using, not an entire storage box/unit, makes ADO’s secure storage up to 50% cheaper than self storage (with up to 100% less stress). Plus, if you request a quote online, you receive a further 5.0% discount on the pick-up, loading, and delivery of your items. And, we provide even more added value, with a huge number of items, thrown in completely FREE of charge.

Our Secure Furniture and Office Storage Solutions include: 

Self Storage 

Cheap Storage 

Mobile Storage 

Furniture Storage 

Short-Term Storage 

Long-Term Storage 

Specialised Storage 

Corporate and Business Storage 

Transit and Storage Insurance 

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